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Can I spread topsoil with a spreader?

Topsoil is the layer of soil on the surface of the ground that supports plant growth. A commonly used tool for spreading topsoil is a mechanical device called a ‘spreader’. This machine comes in different sizes but all have one or more metal rotating drums with sieve-like openings.

The soil is transferred from the large hopper at the rear of the spreader to the rotating drums, where it is released through tiny holes onto a driven conveyor belt that transports it to its destination. It allows spreading of topsoil and bedding layer.

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What is a spreader? Its functions

man spreads topsoil

A spreader is a mechanical device used to evenly spread topsoil.

When a spreader spreads topsoil it creates a bedding layer which will benefit future growth of plants as it provides all the nutrients they need.

Topsoil spreader serves various purposes and can be used in different ways. The machine is mainly meant for the preparation of the land by laying the topsoil and also for sowing grasses, cereals and other crops. A person who operates this machine moves it around the field until it has covered the required area.

The functions are:

  • to create even soil
  • to prepare the land for sowing crops like cereals, grasses and other plants
  • to reduce time of sowing by covering larger areas faster

What are the parts of a spreader?

The parts of a spreader are:

  • Hopper
  • Drive motor
  • Drum (sieve)
  • Spreader wheel
  • Conveyor belt
  • Feeding hopper

How does a spreader work?

When topsoil is fed to the machine’s rotating drums with sieve-like holes, it distributes the soil equally. The operator then moves it throughout the field until it has covered all areas. This reduces time and labor costs as it provides a faster and less labor-intensive way to cover large areas.

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