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Can You Use a Seed Spreader To Spread Salt?

A seed spreader is a specialized piece of equipment that can spread many types of materials, including fertilizer and even salt. Be sure to check the instructions on the spreader to make sure you are using it correctly for the specific material you want to spread.

In general, if you have no concerns about damaging your seed spreader and handling the weight, then there is no reason not to use it for spreading salt.

Of course, before doing this, you should be sure to check whether or not the salt will damage the machine, especially if it has plastic components in parts of the machine. Salt can sometimes corrode metal and plastic, and it doesn’t take long for salt to severely damage metal, including the gears on a seed spreader.

How to avoid damage to the seed spreader when spreading salt?

When we use a seed spreader to spread salt, it may cause damage to the seed spreader.

Here are some pieces of advice for you about avoiding damage to the seed spreader when spreading salt.

For the seed spreader that comes into contact with salt, you need to pay attention to cleaning when you finish work. Use clean and warm water to clear all salt entirely on the surface of the seed spreader. When using low-pressure sodium bicarbonate cleaning fluid to clean, it is better to use low concentration and wash twice.

It is not suggested to use a high-pressure cleaner in this situation because it may damage the metal parts that come into contact with salt.

After the cleaning, you should use good quality machine oil to lubricate and then store a seed spreader in a dry place. The best storage environment temperature is 50-86F (10℃-30℃), and relative humidity is not more than 80%.

When you want to use a seed spreader next time after storing it for a long time, you should clean it first and use good quality machine oil to lubricate to extend the service life.

Spread salt

What else can I use to spread salt?

You can use a salt spreader. It is a vehicle equipped with a mechanism for distributing either dry or liquid de-icing material (primarily salt) over snow and ice to melt it and reduce the possibility of accidents due to slick or icy road conditions.

They will help speed up the snow removal from your driveway, walkway, or parking area. Salt Spreaders can be either gas or electric and automatically cover a wide path as they move along the ground. It’s essential to make sure that you purchase one compatible with the type of salt you plan on using. Otherwise, the spreader may not work correctly or could potentially cause damage to your property.

Salt spreaders are available in 3 types. Each type is designed for a specific use.

Manual Spreader

The cheapest salt spreader, this option requires that you push the device along the ground, and it spreads the salt for you. It works best on driveways or walkways that are not too large.

Push Salt Spreader

A step up from the manual spreader, this unit has a handle that allows you to guide it along as it spreads salt. This option is great for walkways or smaller driveways.

Automatic Spreader

The most expensive salt spreader, automatic units can move along by themselves using an electric motor. These are best suited for huge driveways and sidewalks.

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