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Best ATV Seed Spreader Reviews

Landscaping can be quite challenging if you do not have the proper equipment to facilitate the job. Since spreading seeds or fertilizers by hand is time-consuming, purchasing a seed spreader will be an excellent solution for an ATV owner. In this review, I will analyze the best ATV seed spreaders that, in my opinion, should significantly facilitate your job.

Depending on your needs, you can pick a broadcast seeder that optimally suits your tasks. However, I would also recommend you to carefully study the buying guide section, in which I give recommendations on what is especially important to pay attention to when choosing an ATV seed spreader.

Our pick
Brinly BS36BH
Brinly BS36BH
Best UTV seed spreader
Brinly’s BS-36BH tow-behind broadcast spreader features a 3.5 cu. ft. hopper, ideal for homeowners and light commercial applications of 1 acre and larger.

What are the advantages of ATV spreaders

The main benefit of owning a seed spreader for ATV is the automation of manual work for you. You do not have to walk and spread the seeds or fertilizer with your hand. Instead, just fill seeds, fertilizer, salt, or ice melt in the hopper and drive around in your ATV while it will do the job for you.

Another advantage of an ATV broadcast seeder is precision. You will not have to worry about spreading the seeds in the wrong place. Also, owing to the high capacity of modern spreaders and a quick-release system, you will cope with the task quickly without any extra effort.

Seed spreaders allow you to disperse materials on large areas without leaving any bare spots. Thus, such an item is suitable both for small and medium-sized farms and lawns.

Best ATV seed spreader reviews

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Brinly BS36BH – best overall

Brinly BS36BH

The first product I will review is a 4-wheeler seed spreader Brinly BS36BH that is suitable for home and commercial applications. Its durable poly hopper is resistant to corrosion and dent. Thanks to the spread width of up to 12 ft, you can cover 1 acre of land with one fully loaded hopper.

I enjoyed the calibration control that ensured extra accuracy while dispersing any material. Owing to the patented autoflow technology, the substance will stop spreading when you stop your vehicle to eliminate waste. Besides, the spreader comes with a universal hitch pin, so you can easily mount it to any ATV.

Compared to a more expensive Newer Spreader Model 100, this product features a higher capacity of 175 lbs. In addition, unlike the analog, it includes a rain cover that will protect the material from moisture and the driver from dust.

Brinly BS36BH photo

I managed to assemble the seed spreader pretty fast, thanks to clear instructions. I am absolutely satisfied with its quality, but there is one thing that annoyed me. Since the bottom of the hopper is flat, it is always challenging to spread the last few pounds of product that are left on the bottom, so I had to do it by hand.

Based on my successful experience, I can say that Brinly BS36BH is the overall best ATV seed spreader. It is a solid bargain for the price due to its simple and sturdy design, high capacity, and easy calibration.

Key specs

  • Type: tow-behind.
  • Maximum capacity, lbs: 175.


  • Suits for commercial application.
  • Has calibration control for added precision.
  • Comes with a universal hitch.
  • Includes a rain cover.


  • The bottom is too flat.

Newer Spreader Model 100 – premium pick

Newer Spreader Model 100

If you are ready to pay for a premium quality spreader, pay attention to Newer Spreader Model 100. This tow-behind spreader comes with an aluminum hopper that features a maximum capacity of 110 lbs. It includes a drop-pin hitch, a fixed opening relief panel, and a galvanized stainless steel agitator inside the hopper. Thus, the spreader will empty the load in about 200 ft.

What makes this model special compared to analogs? It is extremely lightweight and maneuverable, leaving a fine layer of organic material. Unlike rivals, its main sphere of application is distributing compost, such as horse manure.

Newer Spreader Model 100 photo

Since the product comes mostly assembled, I had no problems putting the parts together. It copes great with any compost shredding it fine. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes hay got clogged around the agitator.

To make a long story short, Newer Spreader Model 100 is a heavy-duty spreader whose basic task is to disperse compost and bedding.

Key specs

  • Type: drop.
  • Maximum capacity, lbs: 110.


  • Extremely maneuverable.
  • Ideal for distributing compost.
  • Comes with a galvanized agitator.


  • Hay can get clogged around the agitator.

Buyers Products ATVS100 – also a great choice

Buyers Products ATVS100

Do you need an all-purpose broadcast spreader? Buyers Products ATVS100 will meet your expectations if you plan to disperse any free-flowing material, including seeds, feed, and fertilizer. A sturdy poly hopper can hold up to 100 lbs of substance, so you will not have to stop often to refill it. The spreading width of 10 ft is enough to cope with a big field in a short time.

You can effortlessly attach this 12-volt ATV seed spreader to your vehicle’s existing rear utility rack. The on/off switch is easily accessed from the driver’s seat. You will also control the flow rate while driving your ATV. An included rain cover is meant to protect your seeds from unwanted moisture.

Unlike a tow-behind spreader Brinly BS36BH, this unit can be mounted either to the front or the rear rack of your ATV. Yet, the analog features a bigger capacity (175 lbs.) and wider spreading width (12 ft.) to let you complete the job faster.

Buyers Products ATVS100

The spreader assembly was pretty straightforward and did not take much time. However, in my opinion, the plastic details of this item are very flimsy. Since there was no agitator inside the hopper, I had to stir the substance myself using a metal rod.

In general, it is a nice model of a broadcast spreader that should be used for dispersing absolutely dry materials. Otherwise, it will clog up, especially when spreading salt or sand.

Key specs

  • Type: broadcast.
  • Maximum capacity, lbs: 100.


  • Can be attached to both sides of an ATV.
  • Comes with a rain cover.
  • Flow rate control from the driver’s seat.


  • Flimsy plastic details.
  • Does not have an agitator inside the hopper.

Agri-Fab 45-0463 – best budget

Agri-Fab 45-0463

You should have a look at Agri-Fab 45-0463 if you are looking for a reasonably high-quality, but not very expensive seed spreader. This product comes with a durable rust-proof poly hopper with a maximum capacity of 130 lbs. The spreading width varies from 10 to 12 ft.

The product includes a universal hitch that can be effortlessly attached to any ATV. Its broadcast mechanism has metal gears and a solid axle. Such accessories as hopper cover, grate, and deflector kit should be purchased separately.

The Agri-Fab spreader has a frame consisting of 8 parts, while its analog Brinly BS36BH comes with a welded one-piece frame with thicker metal tubes. Both Brinly BS36BH and Agri-Fab 45-0463 come with pneumatic tires, but the analog features wider 13.5’’ tires that are better constructed.

Agri-Fab 45-0463 photo

I spent an hour and a half assembling the spreader according to clear instructions and a video guide. Even though the spreader comes with an on/off direct rod control accessible from the tractor seat, in fact, the release handle is too short to reach easily and turn on/off while driving.

Being cheaper than analogs, this tow-behind spreader still features a sturdy design and a decent capacity. It can be used any time of the year, providing necessary maintenance to your lawn.

Key specs

  • Type: tow-behind.
  • Maximum capacity, lbs: 130.


  • Comes with a durable poly hopper.
  • Clear assembly instructions.
  • Includes a universal hitch.


  • The release handle is short to reach.
  • Does not include a hopper cover.

Field Tuff AS-125ATV12

Field Tuff AS-125ATV12

If you are looking for a sturdy ATV spreader that can be mounted either to the front or the rear back of your vehicle, rivet your attention on Field Tuff AS-125ATV12. It is a versatile broadcast seeder equipped with a 12-volt DC motor. This product has a 12 ft spreading width and is typically used to disperse grass, grains, seed, and fertilizer.

Field Tuff spreader comes with a wiring harness and an on-off switch. It also includes a rain cover to protect your seeds from unwanted moisture.

Unlike Brinly BS36BH, this item is not a tow-behind spreader but a broadcast spreader that does not provide high precision while dispersing the substance. Moreover, its maximum capacity of 125 lbs is lower than the 175 lbs capacity of the analog.

Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 photo

I could easily attach this seed spreader to my ATV and started dispersing pelletized lime right away. At first, the motor would not start with a full hopper of lime, so I had to unload almost half of it until it finally worked. Unfortunately, you cannot control the width of spread and speed of the flywheel.

All in all, Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 is a versatile ATV spreader with an agitator that spins to make the material drop. It coped well with dispersing dry traction sand, not to mention grains.

Key specs

  • Type: receiver-mount.
  • Maximum capacity, lbs: 125.


  • Can be mounted to the front or rear back of an ATV.
  • Comes with a wiring harness.
  • Includes a rain cover.


  • The motor does not start when fully loaded.
  • No control of spreading width.

ATV seed spreaders buying guide

There are several factors that you have to consider while picking the best ATV spreader. They include types of seed spreaders, their capacity, durability and quality of materials, spreading width, and compatibility with your ATV.

ATV spreader types

Broadcast spreaders

The most common type of ATV seed spreader is a broadcast spreader. Such a seeding machine is frequently used to disperse seeds on vast areas in a short time. Therefore, this type should be your choice if you own a large field. However, it is necessary to mention that ATV broadcast spreaders are not the most accurate ones.

Drop spreaders

This type of seed spreader is considered to be the most precise. Such a broadcaster spreads the seeds between the wheels to avoid unintended substance dispersion. Commonly, drop spreaders are suitable for growing vegetables or cereals. Yet you have to keep in mind that such a precise seeding machine needs more time to cover an extensive area of land.

Tow-behind spreaders

Tow-behind spreaders are typically attached to the rear back of your vehicle and disperse free-flowing materials by turning the wheels while you sit in your ATV and drive around. The main peculiarity of such spreaders is their increased capacity in comparison with other types. Nevertheless, such a seed broadcaster is not easy to operate.

Seed spreader capacity

The capacity of the seed spreader is one of the main factors to consider when you try to pick the right model in accordance with your demands. The bigger the capacity of the hopper, the more material it can hold, and the less time you will waste stopping to refill it. Still,remember that your ATV should be equipped with a powerful motor to pull a heavy hopper full of seeds or fertilizer.

Typically, the seed spreader’s capacity may vary from 50 lbs up to 400 lbs. While smaller hoppers are meant for dispersing feed or fertilizer, a seed spreader with a bigger capacity is appropriate for lightweight grains.

Spreading width and speed

When you purchase an ATV seed spreader, you expect to fulfill all your landscaping tasks efficiently. Thus, you await high speed from the seeding machine. The spreading width plays a key role when you need to cover a large field. Wider spreading width and a high flow rate allow you to spare as much time as possible. Ideally, you should be able to regulate your seed spreader’s flow rate and speed according to your needs.

Durability and quality of materials

Do you want your mounted spreader to serve you for years? Only a durable product made of high-quality materials will not break often and will not rust because of continuous use. Pick a broadcast seeder made of stainless steel with a powder finish to prevent corrosion. Some models made of high-duty plastic can also be a great option, especially if you live in wet climate conditions. Finally, use a waterproof cover to keep the parts of your seed spreader dry whenever it rains.

Compatibility and easy of use

Before purchasing a certain model of a seed spreader, make sure that it is compatible with your ATV. While most broadcast seeders come with a universal bracket, some might be suitable only for particular ATVs.

Ease of use is also one of the important criteria because you will not want to spend hours trying to attach the spreader or learning how to start it. Choose a product with an on/off switch, simple design, and, ideally, flow control.

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Which is better: a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader?

Of course, it depends on your particular needs. If you have a large area to cover, a broadcast spreader may be the better option. On the other hand, if you need to be more precise with your seed spreading, a drop spreader may be the way to go.

Will grass seed grow if you just throw it on the ground?

No, grass seed will not grow if you just throw it on the ground. The seed needs to be in contact with the soil in order for it to germinate and grow. This is why a seed spreader is such an important tool when it comes to seeding a lawn.

What setting should my spreader be on for seeding?

It is better to use the medium mode, but it all depends on the size of your yard and how much seed you need to spread. If you have a small yard, you can set your spreader to a lower setting. If you have a large yard, or if you need to spread a lot of seed, you can set your spreader to a higher setting.

Can I use my seed spreader to spread fertilizer?

You can, but you might want to invest in a fertilizer spreader if you plan on doing a lot of fertilizing. Seed spreaders are designed to spread seed, and fertilizer spreaders are designed to spread fertilizer. While you can use a seed spreader to spread fertilizer, it’s not the ideal tool for the job and you might not get the best results.

What is the use of a spreader in agriculture?

A spreader is a device that is used to distribute seeds, fertilizer, or other materials over a wide area. Spreaders are often used in agriculture to help farmers apply these materials evenly across their fields.
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