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Best Mosquito Fogger Reviews

Those mosquitoes are never easy to deal with. You keep them away from the treated area for some time, but the effect doesn’t last forever. That is why it is essential to have a special tool at hand that will enable you to take control of the pest population from time to time. Here is where the best mosquito foggers come into play. These devices have been specially designed to eliminate mosquitoes, so they are a must-have if you live in a mosquito-prone area.

However, before you buy one, I recommend you get into the nitty-gritty of mosquito foggers. Below, you will familiarize yourself with the common types of these tools and learn how to use them correctly outdoors. Finally, I gathered time-proven products you will come across in the market that you can purchase and solve this problem.

Our pick
Invatech Italia 868
Invatech Italia 868
Best mosquito fogger
Invatech Italia 868 fogger machine is equipped with a fan system and a powerful 4.3 HP engine with an 805 CFM tunnel volume. Its mist output can reach up to 32ft vertical and 39ft horizontal. Read the full review.

Mosquito foggers compare table

Name Tank size, gal/l Power source Coverage per tank, sq. ft. Review
Invatech Italia 868 best overall 3.7/14 gas powered 22000 Review
Bonide 420 fog rx propane mosquito fogger 0.1/0.4 gas powered 5000 Review
Black Flag 190107 electric 0.3/1.1 electric 5000 Review
OFF! Outdoor Fogger mosquito fogger spray 0.1/0.4 spray 900 Review

Main types of mosquito foggers

main types of mosquito foggers


As the name suggests, thermal foggers use heat to generate a vapor of fogging solution into the air. Based on the source of heat, there are propane, fuel, and electric fogging devices. Usually, there is a propane or gas tank and the heating element to create a fogging solution. Because this type of device produces a dense cloud of vapors, it penetrates even hard-to-reach areas. Also, they are portable, so you can take one away with you wherever you need it.

Since these units use high temperatures during the heating process, you may want to use them as outdoor foggers. However, thermal foggers can pose a serious safety risk when used indoors.

Thermal foggers are a frequent choice of professional pest exterminators, but their price tag makes them available for residential pest control as well.


Unlike thermal gear, electric mosquito foggers do not use heat to make the fog. Instead, they rely on high-powered pressure, which turns the solution into small particles. Then, those particles are pressed through a swirl of multiple nozzles. So, these devices replace heat with pressure, making these foggers suitable both for indoor and outdoor use due to reduced risk of burns. But mind that electric foggers are not portable because they have to be attached to a power outlet to operate.

Additionally, cold foggers are versatile units. For instance, you can use one to eliminate odors in a room or utilize it as a humidifier in your greenhouse.


A ULV fogger machine is a device that uses an ultra-low volume propulsion system to disperse pesticides or fogging solutions in the air as a mist or fog, which is generated by low pressure. These devices are effective as they treat the whole area rather than a specific surface. Thus, you can rest assured that with this tool, you will cover the spots that are hard to access directly. ULV foggers come in different sizes, from stationary and small units to backpack designs.

Best mosquito fogger reviews

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Invatech Italia 868 – best overall

Invatech Italia 868 features

Do you have to cover a large, wide, and open space to get rid of mosquitos? A robust fan system, a powerful 4.3 HP engine that delivers an 805 CFM tunnel volume of the Invatech Italia 868 allows you to spray solutions or pesticides in a shorter time and without much effort. Moreover, with a reach of 32 ft vertical and 39 ft horizontal, it can become a suitable device for pest control professionals who work on objects of different sizes.

The tank’s capacity is promising – it holds up to 3.7 gallons or 14 liters of solutions. As this is a backpack mosquito fogger with padded and adjustable straps, you will work with comfort.

Invatech Italia 868 specifications

I was impressed by the versatility of this device. You can do more with this model of Invatech than with Bonide 420 fog RX. For example, I used it as a duster and leaf blower to clean up my yard.

This device is easy to assemble and use. However, I was unpleasantly surprised by one thing about the warranty. For example, when you decide to adjust the carburetor with the included tool, you automatically void the warranty.

The process of spraying the crops or misting mosquito-filled areas is easier with the Invatech Italia 868. Besides, this multi-purpose device works as a mister, duster, atomizer, and leaf blower. This unit worked excellently for me, so it gets the status of the best mosquito fogger in my review.

Key specs

  • Tank size, gal/l: 3.7/14.
  • Power source: gas powered.
  • Coverage per tank, sq. ft.: 22000.
  • Droplet size, microns: 52-70.
  • Weight. lbs/kg: 22/9.9.
  • Dimensions, in/cm: 15x18x29/38.1×45,7×73.6.


  • Multifunctional and versatile device.
  • A high-capacity tank (3.7 gallons) for adding more pesticides or solutions.
  • Powerful and covers large areas.


  • You void the warranty when adjusting the carburetor with an included tool.

Bonide 420 fog rx – propane mosquito fogger

Bonide 420 fog rx features

When you look for a fogger to work outdoors, consider Bonide 420 fog RX. It is a top performing fogging device as it creates a thick mist that reaches all cracks and crevices and lasts long to help you promptly eliminate those pesky biting insects from your yard or garden.

It is more compact than Invatech Italia 868 and works on propane. I was able to quickly run around the house, spraying bushes, grass, and other spots where mosquitoes tend to stay. There were big bursts of fog, but it was a little tricky not to have flames while the fog was coming out. So, the propane adjustment valve is my only complaint.

Bonide 420 fog rx specifications

In other respects, this unit is great. It has a solid nylon plastic body, which delivers durability and light weight. As this is a portable fogger, there is a handle on the top to let you grab it conveniently. The container is translucent, so you always know how much fogging solution is left. However, note that this device is used with a propane cylinder, which is not included and should be purchased separately.

So, because of dense fog clouds reaching every smallest area to terminate any unwanted insects, the Bonide 420 fog RX is the best propane mosquito fogger for outdoor use.

Key specs

  • Tank size, gal/l: 0.1/0.4.
  • Power source: gas powered.
  • Coverage per tank, sq. ft.: 5000.
  • Weight. lbs/kg: 2.7/1.2.
  • Dimensions, in/cm: 22.2x16x12/56.3×40.6×30.4.


  • Produces dense and long-lasting fog.
  • The whole construction is well-built.
  • The container is translucent to let you know how much pesticides or solution is left.


  • The propane adjustment valve is tricky to use.
  • You’ve got to buy a propane cylinder separately.

Black Flag 190107 – electric

Black Flag 190107 features

Meet a thermal electric insect Black Flag 190107 fogger that will help you get rid of mosquitoes and biting flies for up to 6 hours.

This device uses electricity to heat up the barrel assembly, so it should be plugged into a regular socket. However, this may add inconvenience to your user experience, as dragging the cord around is a pain. Also, you may find it more challenging to fog larger areas outdoors. Luckily, an outdoor extension cord can help you overcome this inconvenience.

Black Flag 190107 specifications

The Black Flag 190107 is thoroughly made of plastic, unlike Smith Performance Sprayers FT982, so it’s pretty light. There is also a handle on top of the body to let you conveniently hold the device. The mosquito fogger aerosol can hold up to 40 oz of chemicals, allowing you to fog a decent area without frequent refilling.

I like that it produces especially a thick fog, effectively attacking a mosquito problem. In addition, this device heats up within a few minutes before it starts to fog. But mind that with Black Flag 190107, you’ve got to wait a little longer than with other electric units between the fogging trigger presses to let the barrel heat up.

With the Black Flag 190107, I got to every corner of my yard thanks to the dense mist that lasted long. Works properly and kills the mosquito population quickly.

Key specs

  • Tank size, gal/l: 0.3/1.1.
  • Power source: electric.
  • Coverage per tank, sq. ft.: 5000.
  • Weight. lbs/kg: 4.1/1.8.


  • Made of plastic, so is lightweight.
  • Produces thick fog that thoroughly covers the area.
  • Allows fogging without frequent refilling.


  • Is less portable and requires an extension cord.
  • Takes more time between pressing the fogging trigger to heat up the barrel.

OFF! Outdoor Fogger – mosquito fogger spray

OFF! Outdoor Fogger features

With this outdoor fogger, you can keep flies, mosquitoes, and non-biting gnats away from the areas where you rest, work out, or just spend time. OFF! Outdoor Fogger comes in the form of a spray, making it different from electric Black Flag 190107. In addition, it comes in a single size option – 16 oz, which is compact enough for grabbing it with you when you go on a picnic or hike.

Among other entries on my list, this one is by far the easiest to use. You just shake the bottle and spray it over the area you want to treat. But, I should admit that OFF! Outdoor Fogger doesn’t live up to the expectation to repel insects for 6 hours. At initial contact, it works. But then, when the product disappears, mosquitoes come back. Even mild wind can diminish the effectiveness of this spray.

OFF! Outdoor Fogger specifications

I am not totally satisfied with how unpredictably this product sprays out. Sometimes it generates a too strong stream, and, alas, there is no way to adjust it.

Anyway, this is the best mosquito fogger spray that is present on the modern market. Surely, OFF! Outdoor Fogger can’t boast a 6-hour duration, but it repels pests immediately and lasts for some time. The odor is not intense, so it won’t be a hassle to use.

Key specs

  • Tank size, gal/l: 0.1/0.4.
  • Power source: spray.
  • Coverage per tank, sq. ft.: 900.
  • Weight. lbs/kg: 1/0.4.
  • Dimensions, in/cm: 10x4x4/25.4×10.1×10.1.


  • One of the simplest products to use.
  • Works immediately.
  • Compact, so you can grab it with you for camping.


  • Doesn’t last long.

Smith Performance Sprayers FT982

Smith Performance Sprayers FT982 features

In case you need a commercial mosquito fogger for your pest business or look for one to fight those pesky flies and other insects in your yard, here is a great product for you – Smith Performance Sprayers FT982. Use this device with the right mosquito fogging solution, and you are guaranteed to be protected against pests for around 6 hours.

Unlike Black Flag 190107 with a plastic barrel, this one has an aluminum 1-gallon tank. Similarly, you will need a source of electricity to make this item work, so keeping it plugged into the socket is a must. Again, this may set some limitations on how far you can go, but the extension cord can help you go whenever you need it.

Smith Performance Sprayers FT982 specifications

The Smith Performance Sprayers FT982 works great, even though it is surprisingly loud. I had to reconsider fogging early in the morning because I was afraid that I might wake up the neighbors.

Other than the noise issue, this fogger works nice. It warms up fast and creates a dense fog without drips. I also like that it stops the moment I release the trigger, allowing for accurate area coverage.

Key specs

  • Tank size, gal/l: 1/3.7.
  • Power source: electric.
  • Coverage per tank, sq. ft.: 2000.
  • Weight. lbs/kg: 5.7/2.6.
  • Dimensions, in/cm: 8×12.5×11/20.3×30.4×27.9.


  • Features an aluminum 1-gallon tank.
  • Produces a thick fog that protects the area for around 6 hours.
  • The trigger is responsive.


  • Needs to be plugged into the socket.
  • Too noisy.

How to use off outdoor fogger?

how to use off outdoor fogger?

Since there are various types of foggers and they operate differently, it is better to follow the instructions provided in the device’s manual. However, I want to share general guidelines to ensure you do not harm yourself, kids, pets, or other people around you and maximize your effort in fighting flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects.

First, when you use this device improperly, there are certain risks. For example, the mosquito fogger solution in some units is flammable. So it is better to avoid applying the chemicals close to open flames like stoves or furnaces. Mind that even a cigarette can pose a threat and cause a fire. So, the first rule – use the fogger away from fire or ignitable stuff.

Consider your safety as well. You should wear goggles, a respirator, and a long-sleeved shirt to eliminate chemical contact. Using a respirator is a must when you are fogging indoors to avoid breathing in hazardous mist.

When using the fogger outdoors, spray the fog on dense vegetation beneath tree trunks, around standing water, shrubs, and other areas.

Tips to prepare the area before fogging

tips to prepare the area before fogging

If you’re gearing up to use mosquito foggers for your backyard, here are some essential tips to ensure a safe and effective operation:

  • Clear the area: First things first, make sure to remove all people, pets, and food from the area you plan to treat. Safety should always come first, and keeping everyone away from the fogging process is crucial.
  • Cover or remove exposed food and utensils: If your mosquito-fogging mission takes you to an outdoor space where food is often prepared or consumed, like a picnic area or patio, take a moment to cover or temporarily relocate any exposed food and utensils. This precaution prevents any unwanted chemical contamination.
  • Remove or cover sensitive plants: Do you have beautiful, delicate plants in your backyard oasis? If so, consider protecting them from the fogging process. Use plastic sheeting or fabric covers to shield your green friends, as some mosquito-fogging chemicals can harm vegetation.
  • Communicate with neighbors: If you live in close quarters with neighbors, it’s a good idea to let them know about your mosquito-fogging plans. This simple act of communication can help address any concerns they might have and ensure they’re prepared for the fogging activities, too.

By following these tips and preparing your mosquito-fogging site thoughtfully, you’re not only promoting safety but also setting the stage for a mosquito-free backyard.

Remember to choose the right mosquito fogger for your needs and always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. With a well-prepped area and the right equipment, you’ll enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor space in no time.

Myths and misunderstandings

Mosquito foggers kill all insects, including beneficial ones

It’s a myth that foggers for mosquitoes are insect assassins, wiping out all bugs in their path. Most solutions are carefully formulated to target specific pests like mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. They’re designed to spare beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. To ensure you’re not harming the good bugs, follow the instructions regarding concentration and timing. Using foggers when mosquitoes are most active minimizes exposure to other insects.

Mosquito foggers are difficult to use

Many people assume that mosquito fogger machines are complicated contraptions fit only for professionals. Not true! Modern mosquito foggers, whether for residential or commercial use, are designed to be user-friendly. They’re affordable and easy to operate, making them accessible to homeowners who want to reclaim their outdoor spaces without the hassle.

Mosquito foggers are only for commercial use

Another misconception is that mosquito foggers are solely meant for big commercial operations. That’s not the case. There are models available for both residential and commercial use, and personally, for me, they are the best insect foggers. So whether you have a small backyard or manage a large property, there’s a product that suits your needs.


Are foggers safe for my pets and children?

The use of foggers is not recommended around pets or children. Pets may be affected if they inhale the fogger, and children can be injured if they come into contact with the chemical.

What kind of bugs do foggers kill?

Foggers kill various bugs, including mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, and spiders.

What chemical is used for mosquito fogging?

The most commonly used chemicals for mosquito fogging are pyrethrum and insecticide DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane).

How often should mosquito fogging be done?

Mosquito fogging should be done every week to help reduce the population of mosquitoes.

Can mosquito foggers be used in all weather conditions?

In my experience, mosquito foggers are typically better used in calm weather conditions. Wind can disrupt the fog’s distribution, rain can wash it away, and extreme temperatures might affect the effectiveness of the chemicals. It’s generally advisable to fog when there’s minimal wind, no rain in the forecast, and temperatures are within the recommended range specified by the product’s instructions. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific weather-related recommendations to ensure the most optimal results.
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