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Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

The way water fountains work, however, can vary depending on their design and location. Some rely on gravity alone while others require electricity to pump the necessary pressure through pipes leading up to the spout at ground level. Is it good and safe to leave a water fountain on all the time? That really depends on the design of your particular fountain.

Reasons to turn off a water fountain for a time

If you would like to save energy with a water fountain, you’ll need to look at the design of your particular fountain and determine if it requires any electricity to operate. Consider including a timer or switching off the fountain when it is not in use if you have an automated water feature. If your water fountain only depends on gravity to operate, then there’s nothing you need to do except keep it clean and free of debris that might interfere with its operation.

If you’ll be away for an extended time, turn off the fountain. This will save any energy that the fountain would have consumed while you were away.

Water fountains that only rely on gravity will automatically shut off once the reservoir is empty, so there’s no need to risk overflowing the reservoir by leaving it on overnight.

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How much electricity do water fountains use

Manufacturers of drinking fountains have rated energy consumption for refrigerated fountains to be between 7.8 and 10.8 kWh per 40-hour work week. Because of varying usage rates, temperature levels, and rated capacity of the units, this consumption may vary considerably.

Water fountains do not consume a lot of electricity, but if you use high-end pumps, they may get more expensive. If you use less water and don’t take as much horsepower, then the electrical usage will be lower. But the water fountain will also not be as powerful.

Do fountains waste water?

Water fountains do not waste water, and in fact many people find them to be more efficient than traditional sinks because they only take a small amount of water at a time, which prevents large amounts from going down the drain when no one is using them. The purpose of drinking fountain technology is to provide continuous access to water without the need for storage.

Water fountains are much more efficient than water bottles that people buy and then throw away later, sometimes only hours after they’ve been purchased. The way to avoid wasting water is just as simple as replacing those plastic water bottles with a drinking fountain – it’s cheaper too.

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